Voucher energy-saving products

Please find below the English version of the letter regarding the € 75 voucher which allows you to choose energy-saving products.

Also interested in a lower energy bill?

Use your voucher now and purchase energy-saving products for free!

The municipality of Vaals is happy to help you reduce your energy bill. This is why you will receive this voucher once again. With this voucher you can easily purchase small energy-saving products for € 75 via www.winstuitjewoning.nl/vaals.

Below you will find more information on how to cash the voucher. The voucher is only valid as long as there is still budget available. So be quick, gone = gone.

How do I lower my energy bill?

There are several product that you may buy and set up or install yourself.
Below you will find a top-3 of the best sold products.

  1. LED lights
  2. Energy-saving box
  3. Water-saving shower head

How can you use the voucher?

You can purchase the products by paying directly with your voucher code in the web shops that you can find at www.winstuitjewoning.nl/vaals. Or buy products yourself in a shop or DYI store of your choice and request a refund. On the website you will find all information and the complete list of products that qualify for this promotion.

More information

You will find all information about this promotion at www.winstuitjewoning.nl/vaals. Can’t figure it out yourself? Send an e-mail to waarbon@winstuitjewoning.nl. You can also call the ‘Winst uit je woning’ service desk on 023 583 69 36.

This promotion is made possible thanks to a temporary municipal subsidy

Meer Gutschein energiesparende Produkte / Voucher energy-saving products